Company News


The business of Shanghai Pudong machinery equipment complete company covers four areas, working locations spread. In order to strengthen the management, the company executes centralized clearing and management (CTBS ). Company management personnel are compact, the division of the leadership is clear, daily management strict.

For foreign trade part, we actively carry out self-run business, trying hard to develop two markets, actively going global. Domestically, we develop new energy, recycling economy, large and medium-sized equipment and distribution of staples of resource products.
Engineering business has strengthened the work on the bid, harvesting in sewage, consulting and solid waste processing. It has successfully implemented BOT project and is further reinforcing asset management.
Car business focuses on large merchants. Annual sales of vehicles in 2010 exceeds 1,000. The market share of Zhengzhou Nissan brand in Shanghai is over 50%!

Tender business tries hard to expand the characteristics of government procurement, up to ten government agencies and listed central enterprises choose us as their designated bidding agency