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The marketing department was established in April 2016. Its predecessor was affiliated with the equipment integration department. It is the regional distributor of the American brand--Honeywell air purifier in East China. The effective area of product purification is 36-150m2, which is in line with the air. The new national standard GB/T18801-2015 for purifiers covers three use spaces for commercial, household and automotive use.

With continuous improvement of sales channels, such as major customer channels, dealer channels, leasing channels, new home delivery, direct sales of customers, group purchases of internal employees, micro-business, internal e-commerce platform.

At present, these purifiers have been put into use in well-known institutions such as Shanghai Center, Pudong New Area Government, China Welfare Association Kindergarten, Haifu Kindergarten, Huayu Middle School, etc., and have achieved good results, which have been well received by customers.

In order to meet the needs of market competition and departmental transformation, the department worked closely with dealers to actively explore the docking of purification projects, such as renovation of old buildings in Shanghai, renovation of commercial buildings, etc., and strive to become a project of the World Expo, the construction company of the Construction Engineering Group. Electrostatic precipitator suppliers are striving to supply Honeywell purification equipment for more engineering projects, giving them a competitive edge and expanding their industry influence.