The work of the masses

In recent years, with the development of the enterprise, Shanghai Pudong machinery complete equipment company increases salaries and improves the welfare for the staff every year.
Shanghai Pudong machinery complete equipment company has always put the interests of our employee health in the first place, specifically adds recreational facilities like table tennis table, basketball stands for the staff, installed solar water heaters, applied for the food sanitation licenses and opened a canteen.
We offered fixed help program for an employee who has been sick leave for a long time and arranged some employees who are still capable of working back to work again.
An employee in car department has some difficulties at home; we helped his wife get a cleaning job in the company to solve the problems in his life.
Shanghai Pudong machinery complete equipment company offers cool and refreshing in the summer and warm in the winter.
The Union has organized the staff to travel around the country for relaxation and recovery for 11 consecutive years.
Every National Day and Labor Day, we offer staff the festivities fee. Every Woman’s Day and Children’s Day, we provide allowances.
Every Spring Festival, we give allowances to employee’s families. On lunar New Year's Day, we visit some excellent staff in person.
The company tries hard to discover each employee's advantages and strengths, and arranges them to undertake the job most suitable for their potentials and talents, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses and find their latent capacities. We put employee occupation development in the first place, providing staff training and learning opportunities, encouraging mastering many skills while specializing in one and striving to become business and technical inter-disciplinary talents. Through a series of measures, a favorable atmosphere, love the company and live with the company, has formed among the staff of our company.

Various training courses of the company are designed closely around r the aim to improve enterprise aptitude. In recent years, we have organized about a hundred person-times’ occupational trainings for bidding expert, international business engineer, export sales staff, accountants, architects and senior repair technology.