Grass-roots party group to build the

For a long time, the party building in Shanghai Pudong machinery complete equipment company has become institutionalization. Company keeps ‘ three meetings and one class’ system, carries out the party building work in many ways and has got obvious effects, protecting economic work.
The general party branch of the company takes an active part in construction work in the community, learning and helping each other and making progress together.
The company actively works with the army and the armed police detachment, supporting the army.
Joint meeting of party and government bodies is the core measure to fulfill the ‘three important and one large amount’ system of state-owned business for our company.
The company has adhered to ‘from bottom to up’ and public voting performance reviewing for 9 consecutive years.
The operating team reports to the staff the operating condition and plans, receiving democratic supervise every year.
The work of union, youth, and women is healthy and organized.
As a modern service oriented enterprise, most of our staff is directly involved in the day-to-day business activities. How to embody the philosophy of people-oriented and using the right man as well as prevent leakage and nip an evil in the bud as much as possible is a grip for us to manage the enterprise and staff with system and emphasizes on team building.

The company has established 10 labor personnel systems, 20 financial management systems, 10 administrative office management systems, 3 target management system s, 6 party systems, and totaling 49 systems. The system construction is healthy and sound, all business activities are incorporated into the system management, the management team plays a leading role in the implementation of the systems, standardizing behaviors of leaders and all the staff with systems.