The bidding department of Shanghai Pudong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has long been engaged in procurement bidding for electromechanical equipment required for the project, other service bidding and bidding consulting services, and has a full range of equipment bidding qualifications.

Our department has undertaken procurement tendering consulting services for various types of mechanical and electrical products. It has successfully carried out bidding services for major municipal construction projects, and also provided tendering services for equipment procurement projects of major hospitals and major manufacturers in the city.

In the process of equipment bidding, we take the principle of “openness, fairness, justice, honesty and credit” as the principle, and make the bidding work meticulous and thoughtful, so that the owners can get the products with the best price performance ratio. 

Our slogan is "The requirements of the owners are thedirection of our work efforts." While implementing the tendering business, we can also provide various extended consulting services for each project unit, including: project establishment, project proposal preparation, customs tax exemption policy consultation and other services.

After the bidding is over, we will continue to track the implementation of the contract and assist the owner until the contract is completed.

We always put the interests of our customers first. "With the least amount of money, buy the best equipment, get the best service" is our service tenet.