Import And Export Trade

Shanghai Pudong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is the core business segment of the Import and Export Department. It is engaged in the import and export of various commodities and technologies. It has the import and export qualifications of all products except the special state license.

The department has provided billions of yuan in import and export equipment and products for various universities, hospitals, public security, Shanghai Metro Corporation, tunnel companies and other enterprises. We have won the majority of customers with our strength and reputation. Very good reputation.

The Import and Export Department is responsible for the work and meticulous operation. He has undertaken many import and export work for large-scale and difficult large-scale projects, and has won many awards. He was awarded the “Advanced Collective Title” by Pudong Company in 2015. It is the wish of all employees of our company's import and export department to contribute to our customers through our excellent service. We look forward to the opportunity to provide quality services to all relevant units!